Adds server-side Compose support to the game. This allows you to create any gui you want, without any limitations - using a modern UI toolkit.



The Compose dependency is bundled with silk-compose, you don't have to include it yourself.

Don't forget to apply the id("org.jetbrains.compose") Gradle plugin and add the following repositories as well:

maven("") // for unstable compose-jb
// maven("") // for unstable compose compiler


You can open a server-side compose gui and show it to a player using the player.displayComposable function:

player.displayComposable(8, 6) {

fun YourComposableFunction() {
var clicks by mutableStateOf(0)
onClick = { clicks++ }
) {
Text("Clicked $clicks times")

and that's it, you now have access to the world of Compose in Minecraft.

You can now have a look at the UI package (below) to see custom composable functions provided by fabrikmc-compose.

Compose docs

There are docs at Android Developer Website and you can find desktop specific documentation at the compose-jb repository. Additionally, there is a community maintained playground. For each Compose module, you can also find very useful API docs, e.g. the ones for Material 3.


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Implementation of Compose scenes for Minecraft

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Color utilities for working with map colors

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Contains generated constants for Minecraft icons

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UI components (composable functions) useful for Minecraft guis