The Inventory GUI (igui in short) provides a high level server-side GUI API. You build the GUI using a custom and easy-to-use builder DSL.

The GUI rerenders automatically if the state changes, it provides animations and "compounds" which are an easy-to-use abstraction for listing a lot of elements of the same type.



Using the igui builder

Create a new gui

The igui function opens up a new gui builder. Use the page function to add a new page to this gui, you can that function as often as you want.

igui(GuiType.NINE_BY_SIX, "My cool gui".literal, defaultPageKey = 1) {
page(1) {
// access to the page builder inside here

The page builder

The page builder is the most important part of the gui dsl. Inside this builder, you have access all functions adding elements to the gui.


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Contains the GUI builder and all GUI implementation classes

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GUI elements can be rendered by a GUI implementation

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GUI events are passed to the user of this API for usage in callbacks

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Observable lists and properties which are used by GUI elements to handle non-static content